Blogtober: Five Favourite Tropes

Tropes, the hallmarks of both good and terrible stories. Whilst there are some tropes I dislike, there are a golden few which I do enjoy! Friends to Lovers. Blame Lyra and Will from His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, but I love the idea of your partner also being your best friend, something which I... Continue Reading →


Blogtober: How to handle a (university) TBR

The dreaded TBR is something which only gets worse with time. The longer you put off reading, the bigger it gets. One of my pet peeves is when modules don't release their reading list until the last couple of weeks of a holiday; considering we get over three months off, it would have been nice... Continue Reading →

Blogtober:Five Autumnal Books

Some books are summery, full of beaches, cocktails and holiday outfits. Other books are very wintery and some books are that lovely middle ground of frosty mornings and dark evenings we call autumn. There are some books which I always think of as being set in a perpetual autumn for most, if not all, of... Continue Reading →

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