Blogtober: A Hogwarts Halloween

There's one book universe I'd love to live in, and that is the Harry Potter Universe (as a witch of course). Not only would I be able to do so many everyday things faster, but I'd also be able to really appreciate Halloween. Whilst the films only briefly touch on Halloween, each book mentions Halloween... Continue Reading →


Blogtober: Getting Close to (Scottish)Literature

Edinburgh is a city of books and authors. There are too many authors and famous books written in, about or by Edinburgh based authors to really discuss all in one post. But, there is one particular thing in Edinburgh that really shows what an impact books has had on the city: The Scott Monument. The... Continue Reading →

Blogtober: A trip to Edinburgh!

By the time you read this, I'll be in Edinburgh enjoying the sites, smells and cold weather that the capital of Scotland has to offer! This will be the third time we visit the beautiful city, and the first time outside of Winter. This time we're visiting to celebrate my partner, Ethan's, 21st birthday! We... Continue Reading →

Blogtober: My November TBR

Sometimes it's nice to set goals, and whilst November will be full of academic reading for university, as well as thinking about Christmas, I'd like to set myself three books to read throughout November for fun! I know some monthly TBRs are much longer, but I'd like to surprise myself by reading more, but not... Continue Reading →

Blogtober: Favourite Halloween Things

Halloween is still a relatively new idea in the UK, I certainly didn't hear of anyone holding Halloween parties at primary and only a few at secondary. Likewise, the only decorating people do for Halloween is usually pumpkins! But, that doesn't mean I don't have a few favourite things to do with Halloween! Pumpkin Carving.... Continue Reading →

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